Cross Counrty Skiing, the medals of Sprint Classic

In the second day of races, in the specialty of sprint classic, these are the results.
Female: Lyubov Misharina (Russia) conquered the gold medal with 3’11”8, silver medal to Anna Fedulova (Russia) 3’18”2 and bronze medal to Tatyana Gorbunova (Russia) 3’23”1.
In the male challenge, there was one dispute and Andriy Andriyishyn (Ucraina) who made the best time (2’39” 3) was disqualified. So gold medal goes to Vladimir Mayorov (Russia) 2’39”4, silver medal to Pavlo Mandziuk (Ucraina) 2’54”7 and on the podium goes up also, for bronze medal, Andrey Dubovskikh (Russia) 2’44”5