Chiavenna is a small town in the province of Sondrio, which is 60 kilometers away. In Chiavenna you can find ancient palaces, beautiful stone fountains and churches that characterize the village and make it an interesting tourist attraction both in winter and in summer. The town of Chiavenna is particularly interesting to visit and that every year attracts a large number of tourists, especially in conjunction with the various food and wine festivals held in the area.
Chiavenna is certainly the ideal place to spend a few days in close contact with nature and silence. In summer you can follow the paths in the woods adjacent to the city following the appropriate paths either on foot or by bike. In winter there is no shortage of opportunities to reach the nearby ski resorts with the bus stalks made available by the municipality for tourists.
His name, which in Latin was Chiavenna, refers to his key position for communications with the Transalpine Rezia and the Rhine basin; is the only center in the province of Sondrio that has obtained the Orange Flag award of the Italian Touring Club. The latter is a tourist-environmental quality brand awarded to small towns in the Italian hinterland.